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Over the years in the industry, I have picked up the interest to pen down what’s on my mind and am very grateful my articles get featured in Asia’s leading business events magazine, Biz Events Asia, and PCMA.


This pandemic will push us to our limits

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the business event industry has come to a complete halt. This feels like a test to see who can survive, but it’s also an opportunity for all businesses to evolve and get creative. The Malaysian government’s recently imposed movement control is our chance to ‘flatten the curve’ of this outbreak.

AIME 2019: The good, the bad, the better

“A plane is off course until it lands. And it’s the same for events.” These words from marketing guru, Seth Godin, were running through my head as I wandered the halls at the Asia Pacific Incentive and Meetings Event (AIME) in Melbourne last week.

Does the procurement process value creativity?

It’s the time of the year that most corporate companies, especially FMCG brands, are calling creative agencies in to pitch for the events planned for 2018. Generally from quarter 3 each year, many agencies would invest a lot of time, effort, money and resources to prepare for these pitches and we always hope for at least a fair pitch.


Why a Price War is a Losing Proposition

To remain sustainable, Think Event co-founder Ronald Lim urges event agencies to demonstrate their value instead of dropping prices. Events and creative industries are becoming more and more competitive, while our clients now have more options than ever before. Is a price war the way to go?

On The Road: Pillow Talk with Ronald Lim

A good night’s sleep is a necessity for frequent business travellers, and, according to Ronald Lim, founder of Kuala Lumpur-based event company, Think Tank Productions, pillows play a key role in that. “Pillows are never a one-size-fit-all,” Lim said. “Different people have different preferences – this can be a personal preference or may be due to a medical condition.”

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