About Me

Ronald Lim

I am a self-confessed software-geek-turned-avid-Events-Producer. Historically, I attribute my passion for events as sparked in 2001, when I was asked to create events to promote the movies showing at a local cinema chain in Sarawak.

I co-founded Think Tank Productions in 2013, operating from its base in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, I have been involved in numerous conferences in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide, working alongside established agencies and government organisations to manage and executed a wide range of conferences.

In 2014, Think Tank Productions conceptualized and produced our own event brand called Urban Mom, partnering with DoktorBudak to provide educational events on child healthcare in West Malaysia for young parents. We also help to run DoktorBudak’s online platform, where parents can send in questions on their children’s health to their group of doctors for free.

In 2016, I had the distinction of being the first Malaysian appointed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations agency which specializes in information and communication technologies, to be the Technical Consultant for the Telecom World Congress 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. In this event, I had the opportunity to manage and execute the Leadership Summit, Forum sessions and most importantly the Ministerial Roundtable Discussion involving over 24 Prime Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers from various countries. I was appointed to the same position in 2017, when the event was held in in Busan, South Korea, and again in 2018 in Durban, South Africa. In 2019, I has once again retained my position, with my appointment by the ITU as its Technical Consultant for the Telecom World 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

With my expertise in creative conceptualizing, event marketing, stage management, event strategies and organizing of corporate events, I have managed a varied range of business events and worked with trusted brands which include Wyeth Nutrition, Allergan, Quintiles, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer Healthcare, Danone Dumex, Shell, Chevron, Novartis, MCI Group, Novo Nordisk, and the former Starwood Asia Pacific.

In 2018, I co-owned Creative Rock Malaysia and joined the Creative Rock Group in Asia with its  network of offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul. In 2019, I co-founded Conference People – a homegrown PCO brand in Sarawak, Malaysia and have won numerous APAC and national level congresses since its inception. 

In recent years, I have gained further international exposure, having executed conferences in Durban, Brussels, Budapest, Shanghai, Bangkok, Phuket, Seoul, Busan, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore. I was on the Regional Panel of Advisory of ICESAP-PCMA for South East Asia Region 2018, and is the only Sarawakian on the Editorial Advisory Board of Asia’s leading Business Events magazine, Biz Events Asia for 2019. In 2020, alongside with 15 other influencers, I was later named Business Events Influencer by Biz Events Asia.

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