Live webinar or pre-recorded

There are two ways to do a webinar – either doing it live or pre-recording it. So what are the differences?

Live WebinarPre-Recorded Webinar
CostThe cost is higher compare to pre-recorded webinars due to dedicated internet lines requiredThe cost is lower as we do not require such high speed during recording
Q&ALive Q&A with the audience Unless the webinar is run as simulated live, pre-recorded webinars can also take live Q&A provided the speakers available during the time the session is ON AIR
PollLive Polling with AnswersAutomated webinar available on some platform can run polls at stipulated time but live result will not be shown
Internet SpeedStable and fast as audio and video will be transmitted liveSufficient for remote presenters to dial in
Presenters’ TimeAll presenters must be available at the same timePresenters can be recorded at different time based on schedule or availability
N-GIt’s live broadcast so no retake but rehearsals usually helpsSince it’s recording, so retake is possible
EngagingLive broadcast is definitely more engaging Limitations to how the session can be more engaging as compare to live sessions

Hopefully the above comparison can help you choose which option to take for your next virtual event. Remember, there’s always an option to do both or hybrid.

At PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2020 in San Francisco

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