How to host a virtual event (Part 2)

If you are looking for Part 1 of this article, you can find it HERE.

Format Options

Next, you need to understand what are the format available or combination of formats to have.

  • Presenter with a camera

This is the simplest option, where you do not require switching the video camera between two or more speakers. Sharing of presentation slides with the audience can also be done. This typically is used for training sessions or maybe CEO speech.

  • Two-presenters interview and screen share

Both presenters can be in different locations, and both have the right to share their presentation decks. Both of the presenters will have their own camera focusing on them. One of the presenter is normally the moderator of the session, interviewing the second presenter.

  • Multiple presenters interactions

This simulates the panel discussion in a live event. This format or setup may be a lot more complicated in term of hardware setup, and the moderator of the session has to be in control.

Delivery options

Next thing to consider is the delivery options, whether a conferencing software, live streaming platforms or virtual event platforms will best suit your event. We have received a lot of feedback from corporate clients that plan to use zoom as the delivery platform to reach out to 300 people. So what are the differences?

A video conferencing software is like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout where it’s real time and run two-way communications, and best for smaller groups where live interaction is key. Of course, Zoom also offer the webinar options where you have passive audience watching.

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live are very popular live streaming platforms. Few things that we normally ask ourselves if these platforms provide polling, branding, Q&A or simultaneous translation features. Otherwise, can we integrate with 3rd party widgest available in the market?

Last option will be the virtual event platforms which allows us to conduct simulive events, meaning we can have the streaming of the event live, take questions via Q&A and even polling. After the live virtual event, we will host the session as pre-recorded but all Q&A questions will be answered by team of moderators or admins. Polls can still be collected during the simulive session. We normally conduct this in a studio setup, imagine a newsroom with backdrop and virtual showcaller or producer. It’s a lot more complicated but the quality is definitely much better especially if you are looking to do post production on the recorded sessions.

Some fo this virtual event platforms allow the presenters to connect via video conferencing software such as Zoom.

Connect with us if you want to find out more which virtual event platform do we recommend and why.

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